Teton Valley Organic Food Options Abound by Karin Wertheim

Teton Valley Organic Food Options Abound

By Karin Wertheim • Posted on Mar 3, 2014

Did you know that Teton Valley has organic farms, natural food stores, and farmer's markets? It's the perfect place for the health and environmentally conscious. In addition, local produce from these farms is often served at local restaurants in the area.

Organic Farms
This handful of farms provide a variety of organic produce, meat, and dairy - Snowdrift Farm (organic vegetables and flowers), Paradise Springs Farm (organic milk and cheese), Cosmic Apple Gardens (organic vegetables, pork, and beef), and Full Circle Farm (organic vegetables, pork, and beef) to name a few.

Natural Food Stores
For your daily shopping needs, Barrels and Bins in Driggs has a variety of natural foods including local meat and produce. Victor Valley Market is another great option with a great deli, impressive wine selection, as well as organic foods.

Farmer's Markets
During the summer, downtown Driggs is home to a fantastic farmer's market on Friday mornings with Teton Valley's best local produce. Head over to Victor on Wednesday afternoons for their farmer's market.

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